St James's Church of England High School

St James Church of England High School

'A National Teaching School'

September 2013

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First Day of School

Term starts on Tuesday 5th September 2017. You need to arrive at school for 8.40am and make your way to the Junior Yard (on the corner of Lucas and Highfield Roads).  Your Head of Year, will meet you and escort you to the hall.

After a brief assembly, you will spend the rest of the morning with your form and form tutor. Some time will be spent looking at your timetable and discussing how to use your planner which your form tutor will give to you.

You will be taken on a tour of the school to help you find your way around.

Lunch will be around 12.30pm. Lessons will begin after lunch. 


Use this to help you get organised for your first day!

  • Your new uniform is ready
  • Your bag is packed with your equipment ready for your first lesson
  • Your P.E. kit is ready for later in the week. You will not need it on the first day
  • Everything is labelled with your name
  • You have your sandwiches or dinner money
  • You have bus fare if you need it and you know your travel arrangements
  • Your emergency contact form is complete if you have not already handed it in
  • Have an early night so that you are ready for your new experience